Why do we use microfibre cloths?

Why do we use microfibre cloths?

At DrySparkle we do not just sell you a bottle - we provide everything you need to wash, polish and protect your vehicle.

We provide our re-usable cloths high quality microfibre cloth of 40x40cms. Approximately 300gsm with 80/20% Polyester/Polyamide fibre mix. One Green and Blue. One is to wash and the other to polish.

microfibre cloths

Why do we use microfibre cloths?

Microfibre is super absorbent and capable of absorbing up to six times its own weight in water. ... That means when used with DrySparkle a microfiber cloth can grab onto any deeply ground dirt.

Caring for your cloths is easy, we recommend a warm wash with a gentle detergent to allow repeated use.

Do not wash with your every day washing.

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