DrySparkle | Road Tar & Black Streak Remover™

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Here it is, a product to remove those nasty tar spots and black streaks off your vehicle.

  • Easy spray
  • Fully biodegradable.
  • Great for removing road tar and black streaks.

Our DrySparkle | Road Tar & Black Streak Remover Pack comes with:

  • 1 x 300ml bottle with a reusable trigger
  • 1 x 300ml refill bottle
  • 2 x High quality reusable microfibre cloths


Removes stubborn road tar and black streaks on your vehicle.

Simply spray on and wait 30 seconds and wipe off. For very stubborn road tar and black streaks repeat process.

It will remove majority of road tar and black streaks.

The Science Behind Road tar and Black Streak Remover

It is an alcohol-based formula, containing non harsh solvents (such as xylene) that will penetrate the road tar and the black streak to dissolve it but is still safe for painted, plastic and styrene surfaces.

It contains no petroleum and does not give off strong odours, so it can be used without problems in confined spaces.

It is a flammable product, but fully biodegradable.

Customers Love Their Results