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Tips for using the waterless cleaner on a caravan

Tips for using the waterless cleaner on a caravan

We receive many questions about our products, such as:

Does it scratch the surface of the caravan? How do I use it on the caravan? and is it safe to use on my caravan windows?

In this article we will explain how to use DrySparkle and give you some top tips for getting the most out of the waterless wash.

Are caravans different to cars?

Unlike cars, which are made of tough, painted metals, heavy glass and plastics, a caravan is designed to be light. Caravans have outer skins that are sometimes GRP, thin painted surfaces and even moulded plastics. Modern caravan windows are manufactured using light soft acrylic, that can scratch remarkably easy, which means cleaning a caravan must be completed with some care.

Cleaning the caravan

Firstly, it is important to prepare the micro fibre cloth, fold it into quarters. This gives you 8 possible sides to a cloth which will be clean and free of dirt.

If you are cleaning the caravan sides focus on a small section of the caravan at a time, usually a 3-foot square area will suffice. Spray some DrySparkle generously onto the surface, making sure you have a good coverage on the caravan panel.


Start at the top and wipe the surface with the micro fibre cloth in a straight line from left to right, turn over the cloth and use a clean side of the cloth and repeat from left to right. Continue to wipe the DrySparkle away using clean sides of the micro fibre each time.


Once the panel has been wiped over, use another microfibre cloth to buff the surface of the caravan. A good technique is following a sort of S-pattern. Turn the cloth over for a final buff to ensure that the surface is perfectly clean.


And that is it.

Cleaning Acrylic Windows

The process is the same with caravan windows, except care should be taken when initially wiping the window. Don’t apply too much pressure when wiping and always use a fresh side of the micro fibre cloth when touching the acrylic surface. Don’t be tempted to wipe in a circular motion, this can create swirl patterns on the window.


See it in action

You can see our product in use, along with the results on The Trudgians YouTube channel where Dan gives advice and tips on cleaning caravans using waterless wash.


DrySparkle is available from our store along with replacement Microfibre cloths. Whilst your there why not check out our Road tar & black streak remover, for removing tough stains from caravan or motorhome surfaces.

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