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About DrySparkle

Who are we ?

We are an United Kingdom based company manufacturing in East Sussex.

Sj Khebbal

Operational Manager

Pierre Bardes

Marketing Director

Janet Kelly

Customer Agent

Mission Statement

We want to be active in playing our part in the preservation of our planet.

Our aim is to offer a selection of safe and environmentally products which can be utilised across a range surfaces and areas to be cleaned.

Our priority is to provide a great service and experience to all our customers by providing an inclusive product pack that is ready to use anytime.

The Story so Far

DrySparkle was created in 2020 by Sj who wanted to show the world that waterless cleaners are a very effective way to clean vehicles and that they are an environmentally friendly alternative to other traditional methods.

When we started developing DrySparkle we had clear ideas of what our goals are:

  • to introduce products that compliment todays life style.
  • to create products with outstanding quality.
  • to provide products that can be used anywhere. The delivery system has been chosen for its mechanical ability being light, ergonomic and comfortable to use and ,of course, all elements are recyclable.
  • be active in playing a part in the preservation of our planet.

Our products do not use Carabana wax to achieve a polished surface. Nor did we wish to use petrol chemical lubricant to eradicate friction, ensuring all elements are biodegradable in our formula. Our aim is to use a safe and friendly carrier to deliver all key elements of our formula to the surface you are cleaning. This is obtained by ultra clean water.

Service to Customers take priority in our business. We aim to provide a product that is ready to use. Our pack comes with all you need to complete a great job.

Put Simply, you can wash, polish and protect your vehicle anywhere you choose.

No concern about chemicals entering into the environment, so no damage to our rivers and oceans.

We hope you appreciate our product and value in developing an alternative product that can help play a role in preserving our environment.