About Us

The Next Generation of Waterless Wash

Who are we?

We have been involved in the manufacturing and sales of waterless wash products for the past fifteen years. We have taken our knowledge and experience to the next level. Over the past two years we have developed the next generation of waterless wash products.

Our products are designed to wash, polish and protect without the use of water. Our unique trigger is designed to deliver a fine mist.

We built a range of formulations for different vehicles allowing you the perfect DrySparkle. whether you are a caravan/motorhome owner, electric vehicle owner, car owner, or the pilot of a light aircraft.

Each bottle of DrySparkle is environmentally friendly and contains no harsh chemicals.

What is our goal?

When we started developing Dry Sparkle, we had clear ideas of our goals.

We want to introduce products to compliment todays life style, a 21st century product. A product that fits into your life style. A quick and easy to use product, that can be used on the go. Designed to be used anywhere. That gives a show room finish, with added protection from the elements.

On top of that we absolutely want our product to be environmentally friendly. To use products that are friendly to our environment and safe to use. We use bottles that are reusable, cutting down on plastics. One bottle saves 500Lt of fresh clean water, to help sustain the planets fresh water resources.

At DrySparkle we strive to improve the quality of our product by listening to our customers.

DrySparkle | Caravan Exterior Cleaner™

22.50 GBP 22.50 GBP
Free Delivery 3-4 days
30 days money back guarantee

Wash, polish and protect your vehicle as if professionally cleaned. Use any time, anywhere and without water.

  • A deep clean
  • A sparkling shine
  • An eco-friendly product

"Great stuff, I've done my caravan and 2 cars from 1 bottle, brillant finish. Highly recommended" - Kevin C


Our DrySparkle | Exterior Cleaner pack comes with:

  • 1 x 300ml bottle with a reusable trigger
  • 1 x 300ml refill bottle
  • 2 x High quality re-usable microfibre cloths

Each pack will wash, polish and protect 4 to 5 familly sized cars.



When cleaning with our waterless wash range, you won't need to fill up any buckets, or soak any sponges. 

Our expertly developed cleaning technology cuts through grease, binds to dirt and lifts easily. 


Dry Sparkle will not scratch the surface you are cleaning.

As you spray the product onto the surface you are cleaning., it will break down and capsulate any dirt on the surface.  Same time leaving a barrier.  The first cloth picks up the dirt and holds it.

With the second cloth, you buff up the surface you just cleaned. Leaving you with a washed, polished and protected surface. 

We are well aware that some leading Caravan Manufacturers recommend against using cleaning products that contain Carnauba Wax. There is no Carnauba Wax in any Dry Sparkle products, we only use powerful polymers that give a long-lasting shine that are also environmentally friendly.

These polymers actively repel both water and dust to give a longer lasting protection to surfaces that have been cleaned with Dry Sparkle.

You wash your vehicle without wasting water and no chemicals are released into the environment.

With DrySparkle, you save half a ton of water per bottle.

All the coponants are eco-friendly. The bottle is fully recyclable, the cloths are washable and the trigger is reusable. There is no waste.


Convention car wash and



Wash and Polish £15.00 £3.33

6 Wash and polish £90.00 £20.00