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When cleaning with our waterless wash range, you won't need to fill up any buckets, or soak any sponges. 

Our expertly developed cleaning technology cuts through grease, binds to dirt and lifts easily. 


Dry Sparkle will not scratch the surface you are cleaning.

As you spray the product onto the surface you are cleaning., it will break down and capsulate any dirt on the surface.  Same time leaving a barrier.  The first cloth picks up the dirt and holds it.

With the second cloth, you buff up the surface you just cleaned. Leaving you with a washed, polished and protected surface. 

We are well aware that some leading Caravan Manufacturers recommend against using cleaning products that contain Carnauba Wax. There is no Carnauba Wax in any Dry Sparkle products, we only use powerful polymers that give a long-lasting shine that are also environmentally friendly.

These polymers actively repel both water and dust to give a longer lasting protection to surfaces that have been cleaned with Dry Sparkle.


We are proud to share that by using Dry Sparkle, you could save on average around 1/2 tonne of water per 300ml bottle of Dry Sparkle Waterless Wash.

Also, the spray mechanism used in our bottles uses no aerosols or pressurised propellants.

All the coponants are eco-friendly. The bottle is fully recyclable, the cloths are washable and the trigger is reusable. There is no waste.

And to top it off, we do not use harsh chemicals in Dry Sparkle Waterless Washes, so you never have to worry about the excess damaging your surroundings.

Car washes company offer a wash and polish for £15 per wash.

With DrySparkle you can do 6 full wash, polish and protect for £20, so £3.33 per wash.

If you do 6 wash and polish with a car wash company it'll cost you £15 x 6 = £90.

For 6 washes you are saving £70 with DrySparkle while respecting the planet.

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We endeavour to ship within 12 hours of receiving your order.

We aim to deliver withing 2 to 4 working day.

So your order should be with you withing 5 working days.

Unfortunately, we are only shipping in the UK at present, this is due to cost.

We are looking at reaching customers in Europe.

If you are outside the UK, and are interested in our products please drop us an email. 

We honour a 30 day money back guarantee.

If you are not satisfied with our product, please contact us through the Help & Contact page.

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