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Waterless Wash and Polish

The Ultimate Waterless Wash and Polish

DrySparkle Waterless Wash can wash all the outside of your vehicle: bodywork, alloy wheels, chrome, plastic trim, glass and acrylic windows.

It washes, polishes and protects your vehicle in a single application.

Wash: DrySparkle allows you to wash your vehicle from all kinds of dirt and grime.

Polish: It gives your vehicle a sparkling shine after use!

Protect: It leaves a protective film that prevents dirt from adhering to the cleaned surface.

How To Use Our Waterless Wash and Polish ?

Just follow these 3 simple steps :

1- Spray lightly onto panel and allow the product a few seconds to work.
The waterless wash solution penetrates layers of grime (including bird excrement) and de-bonds it from the surface.

2- Clean with the green microfibre cloth.
The cloth will collect the dirt and hold it.

3- Buff lightly with the blue microfibre cloth, to create a protective film and a sparkling shine thanks to the polymers in the waterless wash solution.

Why is DrySparkle Waterless Wash
Convenient and Time Saving ?

You don't have to waste time with buckets, sponges, hosepipes or water. All you need is your Waterless Wash bottle and your microfibre cloths.

Keep DrySparkle in your vehicle so you can use it anywhere, at work, in the street, in a field, in your garage etc.

Our Waterless Wash is easy and pleasant to use. We use an ergonomically engineered bottle and a confortable trigger, which creates a fine mist.

DrySparkle Waterless Wash is
Enviromental Friendly

Our Waterless Wash solution contains a blend of polymers and surface-active ingredients, that are not petrochemical based (no chemical smell) and non-abrasive elements.

With our Waterless Wash, you wash your vehicle without wasting water and releasing chemicals into the environment.

Using DrySparkle Wateless Wash saves 500L of washing water per bottle.

All the components are eco-friendly, the bottle is fully recyclable, the cloths are washable and the trigger is reusable. There is no waste.

DrySparkle | Waterless Wash

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