Your Vehicle Will Sparkle Like New

You can wash all the outside of your vehicle: bodywork, alloy wheels, chrome, plastic trim, glass and acrylic windows.

It washes, polishes and protects your vehicle in a single application.

How does it work?

Our solution contains a blend of polymers and surface-active ingredients that penetrates layers of grime (including bird excrement) and de-bonds it from the surface so it can be removed with microfibre cloths.

Easy to use

1- Spray lightly on to a panel and allow the product a few seconds to work.

2- Clean with one microfibre cloth. The cloth will collect the dirt and hold it.

3- Buff lightly with the other microfibre cloth, to create a protective film and a sparkling shine thanks to a buffable polymer that imparts a shine when buffed.

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DrySparkle | Waterless Wash™

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