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How to clean your caravan or motorhome before and during storage?

How to clean your caravan or motorhome before and during storage?

Well it’s that time of the year again! Autumn is here and summer is saying goodbye.

For us it is time to think about cleaning up after all the summer fun in our caravan or motorhome and putting them in storage for the winter. Storage may be on your drive or in a storage area. 

The inconvenience of using the traditional methods of cleaning your caravan or motorhome during storage.

Keeping your caravan or motorhome clean is a task. Setting up all the equipment, finding access to water and so on.   Not to forget the same routine in the winter; getting buckets or hoses, chemicals, brushes, sponges, drying cloths, polishing compounds with even more cloths - All costing money!

Water is required for use with all chemical products. It may be available if your caravan is on your driveway. But what if your unit is in storage? Having to carry buckets of water to and from the tap is a time consuming task. 

Of course, clean drinking water is wasted and washed down the drain! Within these times, maybe it will be nice to change our habits.

The advantage of using a waterless wash cleaner to clean your caravan or motorhome during storage.

Have you considered a good quality waterless wash?

Why should you use DrySparkle? Let me give you a few simple advantages of our waterless products. 

  • You don’t have to set up any equipment, one bottle and 2 microfibre cloths is all you need to clean the whole vehicle: the bodywork, the acrylic windows, glass and the alloy wheels. So you don’t need a place to store your old cleaning equipment.
  • It’s a waterless wash so there is no need for water when you’re cleaning. Also our product is environment friendly. We want to plays a part in helping the environment.
  • Our Caravan and Motorhome Waterless Wash cleans, polishes and protects your vehicle in one simple action. You only need one product to take care of your caravan, motorhome and car.
  • Easy storage. Giving you more storage room for other important items on your travels. It’s portable, you can take it on your travels.


DrySparkle can be your go to cleaning product. One product for all of your caravan or motorhome’s washing needs. Easy storage, you can keep it in the glove box or any cubbyhole in your vehicle.

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