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Can I wash my Motorbike with a Waterless Cleaner ?

Can I wash my Motorbike with a Waterless Cleaner ?

“A question asked many times by motor-bikers”

The answer is yes, of course you can. We have developed a product just for motorbikes. We believe we have the best solution for keeping your bike in pristine condition all year around.

How to use a waterless cleaner on your motorbike ?

Spray onto the surface you want to clean and allow the product a few seconds to work, so that it penetrates layers of grime and de-bonds it from the surface so it can be removed with microfibre cloths.

Then clean with one microfibre cloth by collecting all the dust and dirt. Buff lightly with the second cloth to leave a sparkling shine on the cleaned area. 

You can use it on all the paint work, on plastic, screen, chrome, alloy wheels, metal work in fact everything on your motorbike including your crash helmet.


Does Waterless Cleaner scratch your motorbike ?

We know that many people are concerned about scratching their motorbike with a waterless cleaner. And we understand your concern.

Here's an explanation of why our product won't scratch your motorbike:

To cause a scratch, heat must be generated by friction to soften the abraded surface being cleaned. We remove the ability to generate frictional heat by creating a low friction surface when our solution is applied. Our waterless wash does not cause scratching by reducing the coefficient of friction. Of course, if your motorcycle is full of mud and stones, rinse your motorbike before using our product.

What are the advantages of a waterless cleaner ?

You have total control of how and where the product is applied on your bike. Unlike water on your bike which seems to escape everywhere. If not mopped up it may lead to rust or erosion.

Our product is 3 in 1, it cleans, polishes and leaves a protective layer to limit dirt adherence for a period of time and is also hydrophobic, so if you ride in the rain, the water droplets will just run off your motorbike windshield or visor.

A bottle of DrySparkle and two cloths fit easily into any bike pannier or bag allowing easy transport wherever you go, to clean your visor, window, or whatever you want.



Reviews of our Motorbike cleaner

Ridecam Tv independently reviewed DrySparkle. They were sceptical but they changed their mind by using our product. You can have a look at their video reviews here.

Also, you can take the time to read all our customers' experiences and their though on our différent waterless cleaner product here.

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