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Aircraft Cleaner™

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An eco-friendly cleaner that cleans and makes your aircraft sparkle without using water.

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Shiny aeroplane every time! DrySparkle is much easier to use than a bucket of water + sponge, get's the bugs off easily and best of all stops water getting into the wooden structure. Brilliant stuff!

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Discover the perfect companion for every aviator and aircraft enthusiast. Our Aircraft Cleaner is meticulously designed to ensure your aircraft not only shines brilliantly but also receives the protection it deserves. Born from advanced UK technology, our formula meets the unique needs of aircraft maintenance, ensuring an impeccable gleam every time.

Wash Polish and Protect

Quick and Easy to use

100% Eco-friendly


Tired of long hours spent washing and waxing your aircraft with traditional methods? Step into the future with our waterless Aircraft Cleaner. Whether you're in a hangar or out on the airstrip, achieve pristine results without a water source or cumbersome equipment. It’s as simple as spraying our efficient formula and wiping it off - see those grime layers lift effortlessly, leaving a protective finish that repels dust and water. And with our ergonomically designed bottle, your cleaning experience is both swift and comfortable.


Crafted with powerful polymers and potent surface active ingredients, our Aircraft Cleaner penetrates deep, removing grime and contaminants. But it doesn’t stop there. Post cleaning, our product leaves behind a polymer layer that, when buffed, reveals an unmatched shine, capturing that brand-new aircraft look. Plus, our cleaner's advanced composition ensures a low friction surface, reducing scratch risks and guaranteeing a seamless finish.


Just as aircraft soar in the vast blue, we believe in preserving our blue planet. Traditional aircraft cleaning can be resource-intensive, often utilizing excessive water and harsh chemicals. With our Aircraft Cleaner, we redefine the cleaning process. Requiring zero water, our method conservatively uses our planet's resources. Moreover, our 100% biodegradable formula means we’re not just caring for your aircraft but also for Mother Earth. Fly high with a clear conscience

  • A convenient and efficient way to make your aircraft sparkle.

Fresh and light smell

No mess while cleaning

Does not scratch

Quick and easy to use

Steps to use the product:

1 - Spray onto panel and allow the product a few second to works.

2 - Wipe the sprayed area with the Blue microfibre cloth to remove the dirt and grime.

3 - Once you have cleaned the area, use the Green dry microfibre cloth to buff the surface to a shine.

4 - Repeat this process until your aircraft is sparkling.


  • 1 x 300 ml bottle with a reusable trigger
  • 1 x 300 ml refill bottle
  • 2 x high quality microfibre cloths

With this pack you can clean 1 to 2 small aircrafts.

When you have finished the bottle, remove the trigger and put it on the refill bottle.

Remember to keep the trigger for the refill pack.

Aircraft Cleaner™

Aircraft Cleaner™


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