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Easily clean and shine your caravan from anywhere

We've designed our Caravan and Motorhome Exterior Cleaner to help you easily achieve a sparkling result while protecting the planet.

Simplify your Cleaning with Waterless Wash

Waterless wash are much more convenient than traditional cleaning. They allow you to wash, polish and protect your caravan with just a bottle and some microfiber cloths. You won't need to have access to water, or use sponges and different products. Waterless cleaners will make your cleaning easier and more convenient.

How to use waterless wash

Step 1 : Spray on to panel

Our solution contains a blend of polymers and surface-active ingredients that penetrates layers of grime (including bird excrement) and de-bonds it from the surface so it can be removed with microfibre cloths.

Step 2 : Wipe off the dust and grime

Wait a few seconds for the product to work, then remove the dirt with a microfiber cloth

Step 3 : Buff the cleaned area

A non-smearing monomolecular film is left on all treated surfaces, which enhances shine, causes water to bead (especially useful on glass as it is non-smearing) and leaves some stain resistance.

Convenient and Easy to Use

Our cleaners are designed to make your life easier. We use a new generation of trigger and bottle. They allow you to have a continuous spray with a fine mist, an unique design which offers an exceptional grip. The bottle contains 300mL of product in order to have a light bottle, which makes it easier for you to clean.

Our Waterless Wash are Environement Friendly

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