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How to wash, polish and protect your car by hand like a professional

How to wash, polish and protect your car by hand like a professional

Since I was a little boy my father would spend Sunday morning washing & polishing his beloved car. Early mornings on the drive with bucket, hose, jet wash, car shampoos, chamises,  waxes, brushes and whole army of items. It was like a religious event in our household!

A good three hours would be spent putting a shine on that car. No regard to wasting water, chemicals running into storm drains and rivers. Not to forget the time wasted and the noise from that jet wash. Just look at the mess on the ground!


someone cleaning his car by hand with DrySparkle product


Technology has moved on and there is a 21st century alternative. Our product has removed water wastage, chemicals overflowing into storm drains and has given us back leisure time to spend as we choose. This technology at our finger tips, it is called DrySparkle. With hose pipe bands around the world of DrySparkle is the perfect solution. 

DrySparkle is a waterless car wash product for today’s life style. Just 3 simple steps to wash, polish and protect your car.

  1. It is simply sprayed on the surface of the car, one panel at a time.
  2. Using a microfibre cloth wipe the sprayed area. This washes the surface and the dirt is capsulated onto the cloth. 
  3. With the second microfibre cloth buff up the surface to a sparkling shine. Everything is provided in the pack. 

How does it work without water and why doesn’t it scratch paintwork?

Before I answer these two questions there is a little science understanding required. Scratching is caused by heat generated by two surfaces rubbing together. If a coolant is introduced then scratching will not occur. Now that that is out of the way.

Everything you need is contained in the solution. It has water, soaps, lubricates, polish and protection. Highly clean water (no mineral) is the carrier of all the elements to wash, polish and protect your car. The water and soap break down the traffic film on the surface. The polymers are used as lubricates (coolant). The lubricant removes the heat generated when cleaning. It is the heat generated that courses scratching. The first cloth picks up all the dirt on the surface, leaving behind a fine polish. The second cloth buffs up the surface and leaves a sparking finish. The product leaves a fine protective film. When it rains water beads. Dirt and bugs that you hit when driving will have difficulties sticking to the surface.

What are benefits of DrySparkle Waterless Cleaner?

One product for the whole car.


drysparkle waterless car wash


The main benefits of the DrySparkle | Car Exterior Cleaner are, it is quick and easy. No set-up time and no cleaning-up time after car is washed and polished - just a one step process!

No major equipment required, e.g. WATER, hose pipes, brushes, sponges, buckets. Use DrySparkle anywhere outside , on your driveway, on top of the mountain, in a forest and even in your garage. No limitation where it can be used.

No wastage of water. Each bottle roughly gives you 3 washes. That means when compared with a conventional car wash a saving off 450 litres of fresh water. 

(Regular car-wash service stations consume more than 120 to 150 litres of water for a single wash).

Time saving to DrySparkle an average size car is 30 minutes + plus no set-up and clean-up times. So it is 30 minutes to wash, polish and protect your car.

Not forgetting the finish. It is incredible. Do not believe me, check out the 400 reviews on customer review page.

Beside the bodywork, the product will clean all the glass around the car, chrome, and plastic trims. Because the dispenser gives you total control of where you spray the product, you are able to get into those hard to reach places. For example, water run offs, door seals, door hinges and so on.


allow wheel brush drysparkle


One other part of the car we must not forget, is the alloy wheels. We recommend the alloy wheel brush accessory to use with the waterless product. The brush helps to get into those difficult parts of the alloy wheel. Simply spray the product onto the alloy wheels. Use the brush to agitate the break dust and dirt on the alloys then wipe off with the microfibre cloth. Buff up with second cloth. Job done.

There are two other products to mention for the exterior of your car.

If you want to rejuvenate your tyres. There is the silicone free Tyre and Trim dressing. It comes in the easy to use bottle with a dispenser. Just spray the product onto the tyres and that is it. If you want a more of a shine, allow first application to dry and then spray on another coat. It is simple as that. To assist a curved tyre sponge is provided in the pack. How it is used, is self explanatory.


drysparkle tyre and trim dressing


We have all had this. Stubborn road tar spots baked onto the doors or wings of our cars. DrySparkle waterless wash will remove much of this. But that stubborn baked on tar requires a stronger product. Just for this there is the Tar and Black streak remover. Simple to use, as are all products in the range. Spray onto the offending tar spot and leave for 30 second then wipe with a microfibre cloth. Repeat process if the offending tar spot is not removed first time. Buff up with second cloth.


drysparkle raod tar and black streak remover


What about the inside of the car?


The inside of the car is as important as the exterior of the car. The carpets, well there is no change there; You still have to give them a good vacuum. After which they can be rejuvenated with the Fabric and Upholstery cleaner. This can be used on the carpets and leather or fabric seats. Just spray on and use the microfibre cloth provided to clean all surfaces.


drysparkle fabric and unpholstery cleaner


The Fabric and Upholstery cleaner can also be used to remove red wine spillages in the house and so on.

The only thing left in the inside is the plastic. Sure enough, there is the Plastic Dashboard Cleaner.  Easy to use as are all the products in the range. Spray on the surface you wish to clean and wipe off with one microfibre cloth and buff with the second microfibre cloth. All items are provided in the pack.


drysparkle dashboard cleaner


Anything new?

All cars will have pets, spillages and other odours in the car. For this is our Odour Eliminator. This is not an odour remover, it does not mask the smell - It eliminates the cause of the odour. It can be used in the car or the house as well.

The solution contains bacteria that when sprayed on the offending odour produces enzymes. These enzymes are comprised of short chain molecules often containing Sulphur and Mercaptans. The product breaks down the molecules eliminating any nasty odour at the same time as replacing it with a more pleasant smell.


drysparkle odour eliminator


So simple to use, spray onto the area with the smell and wait. Allow a few minutes for the product to work so that it can destroy the molecules responsible for the bad smell. If needed repeat the process.


DrySparkle has a product for all your needs. The waterless products for your car, caravan, motorbike, horse box and even small aircraft.

These products require no water, helping with the hosepipe band. But more importantly these product are playing a part in helping environment climate changes. The company encourages sustainability. Customers can re-use the trigger, by reordering refill only without triggers. Where possible we use recyclable materials in all our product.

On the practical side all the products can be used anywhere. No need for water all you need is in the pack.

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