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Tips for Cleaning Hard-to-Reach Areas of Your Car with DrySparkle

Tips for Cleaning Hard-to-Reach Areas of Your Car with DrySparkle

So, you've invested in a new car and want to maintain its showroom shine for as long as possible. Enter DrySparkle, your premier waterless cleaning solution. With its remarkable cleaning properties, brilliant polish finish, and ease of use, it's the perfect choice for keeping your vehicle pristine without the hassle of traditional washing methods.


While cleaning the main body of your car is straightforward, tackling those hard-to-reach areas presents a different challenge. These are the spots where water collects, mould can thrive, and spiders love to weave their webs. In traditional cleaning methods, accessing these areas without causing damage or creating a mess is nearly impossible.


However, with DrySparkle, there's no corner too tight or crevice to hidden. Its specially designed cloths can reach even the most inaccessible spots, ensuring that every inch of your car receives the same level of care and protection.


The advantages of using DrySparkle for these tricky areas are numerous. Its precision trigger allows for controlled dispensing of the product, ensuring you use just the right amount for each task. The size and flexibility of the cloths enable them to manoeuvre into tight spaces with ease, making cleaning around door seals, hinges, hydraulic struts, and other challenging spots a breeze.


Here are some practical tips for cleaning difficult areas around your car using DrySparkle:


  1. Door Seals: Simply spray a controlled amount onto the seal and wipe clean with a cloth.

  2. Door and Bonnet Hinges: Spray DrySparkle onto a microfiber cloth and gently feed it into the hinges for thorough cleaning. 

  3. Hydraulic Struts and Boot Hinges: Use the same method as above to ensure these areas are spotless.

  4. Gap Between the Boot and Window: Wipe the area clean using a DrySparkle-treated cloth.

  5. Under the Boot Lid: Reach this hidden area effortlessly with DrySparkle and ensure it's as clean and protected as the rest of your car.

DrySparkle empowers you to take total control of detailing your car, saving you both time and money in the process. With its innovative formula and user-friendly application, keeping your vehicle looking its best has never been easier. Say goodbye to unreachable grime and hello to a sparkling clean car, inside and out.



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