DrySparkle | Exterior Cleaner Refill Pack -10%

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Our DrySparkle | Exterior Cleaner Refill Pack comes with:

  • 4 x 300ml refill bottle


Simplifies the cleaning of your vehicle

You can wash your bodywork, windows, wheels, plastic and chrome just with this bottle and microfiber cloths.

To use it, just Spray on to a panel, wait a few seconds, clean with one cloth and buff lightly with the other cloth.

A family size car can be washed and sparkled in less than 30 minutes.

The Science Behind DrySparkle

The product contains a blend of polymers and surface-active ingredients that penetrate layers of grime (including bird excrement), de-bond it from the surface and lubricate it so it can be removed with microfiber cloths.

It does this without scratching the surface being cleaned by removing the ability to generate heat through friction by creating a low friction surface.

The solution leaves behind a buffable polymer that imparts a shine when buffed.

Customers Love Their Results