About us 2

Who are we?

We have been involved in the manufacturing and sales of waterless wash products for the past fifteen years. We have taken our knowledge and experience to the next level. Over the past two years we have developed the next generation of waterless wash products.

Our products are designed to wash, polish and protect without the use of water. Our unique trigger is designed to deliver a fine mist.

We built a range of formulations for different vehicles allowing you the perfect DrySparkle. whether you are a caravan/motorhome owner, electric vehicle owner, car owner, or the pilot of a light aircraft.

Each bottle of DrySparkle is environmentally friendly and contains no harsh chemicals.


What is our goal?

When we started developing Dry Sparkle, we had clear ideas of our goals.

We want to introduce products to compliment todays life style, a 21st century product. A product that fits into your life style. A quick and easy to use product, that can be used on the go. Designed to be used anywhere. That gives a show room finish, with added protection from the elements.

On top of that we absolutely want our product to be environmentally friendly. To use products that are friendly to our environment and safe to use. We use bottles that are reusable, cutting down on plastics. One bottle saves 500Lt of fresh clean water, to help sustain the planets fresh water resources.

At DrySparkle we strive to improve the quality of our product by listening to our customers.