Why do we use this trigger and this bottle?

Why do we use this trigger and this bottle?

When we were developing our DrySparkle we wanted to find a dispenser that deliverers the following criteria.

  • A fine mist
  • Propellent free
  • Continuous spray
  • 360° application (used upside down)
  • Unique, outstanding Design
  • Non-pressurised container
  • Product isolation (no mixing with additive)
  • 98% + evacuation of the product from the bottle (No wastage)
  • Environmentally Friendly (all items recyclable or bio-degradable)
  • Controlled release of product
  • Refill packs

After much research we partnered with AFA Dispensing of Netherlands. AFA offered a product that met our required criteria. It offered a better-than-aerosol spray quality that sets DrySparkle apart from our competitors. 

We use a next generation trigger dispenser and bottle technology that exceeds conventional propellant gases and pressurised containers. 

The trigger dispenser delivers a remarkable spray quality, because it is engineered with multi-patented technologies. Its very fine mist combined with continuous spray functionality covers large areas quickly, evenly and in all directions from first to last drop.

Superior ergonomics and a 360° dispensing make it a delight to use. Our Customers love it. Its refined aesthetic and functionality is the key element of our range of products, not forgetting a standout feature is the low noise performance of the trigger.

The bottle is also engineered with multi-patented technologies. It works with an inner bladder system that evacuates 98%+ of the DrySparkle formula out of the bottle.

Our Trigger dispenser and bottle delivery system is a 21st century product that is totally environmentally friendly and reusable.

DrySparkle Bottle and Trigger

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